In a recent analysis piece, Paul Holmes, the venerable founder and editor-in-chief of the Holmes Report pushed out a case that the yet newly enshrined Chief Communications Officer(CCO) role is already under an existential threat. He makes the cogent point that with the evolution of skills in marketing and other departments on capabilities that have traditionally been the bastion of corporate communications (multi-stakeholder management, story telling, conversation led messaging etc.), the function will find itself outgunned by other budget heavy functions which will emulate its capabilities and eventually render it obsolete.

You can read the full article here.

Of the various alternative future scenarios that the Holmes Report sees for the Communications function, I have put up a quick flash poll below to see what you think. My vote is for option 5 – a more integrated and co-evolved communications and marketing function.

Please vote and feel free to post a comment if you foresee a scenario beyond these five.

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